‘Spooky’ Reads

This is more just a countdown of serial killers and creepy clowns, but sure, we can keep the title.

I’m definitely one of those people that would rather read about killer clowns in a Stephen King novel, than step outside my house on Halloween and see a clown trying to throw himself down the drain so he can feast.


My First spooky read of October, is obviously going to be IT. The book was long winded, and there was a lot to comprehend, but the developmenet of the characters was phenomenal, even Pennywise. As far as favourite characters go, I definitely warmed to Richie, and my heart went out to poor old Stan (if you’ve read the book, you know why).

The movie was great too, although it was very hit and miss with the book, because the past and present were combined, where as it focused on Derry and the kids the whole way through. There were many great moments that made me laugh, and many that made me jump, as a whole, Pennywise made me very, very uncomfortable and even cry a little, but I have a childhood fear of clowns, being chased by one as a seven year old gives you some bad memories, that’s for sure.


Second, we have A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness. This book isn’t scary in the sense that you will jump or cringe from discomfort, but it’s such a moving book, and I always find it hard to condense my love for this book, because it is a masterpiece of fiction, so please, just read it. As far as books go, this is the only one that has ever made me cry, and I promise the story will stay with you forever.


A lot of people associate Halloween with Harry Potter, and I’m not quite sure why, but Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite to read and watch in October. If this particular movie didn’t have the pumpkin patch that Buckbeak was supposed to be removed in and Lupin as a werewolf, I wouldn’t associate any of the Harry Potter books or movies with Halloween at all.

Possibly my favourite thriller of the year, and easily one of my favourite reads ever, we have Friend Request by Laura Marshall. I’ve spoken about this book before so many times, but if you enjoy modern psychological thrillers, or even a touch of paranormal, you will love this book, and you will love the characters, and feel personally attacked when you find out who did it.


Keeping to the theme of psychological thrillers, we have Nocturnal Animals by Austin Wright. Admittedly, I had to read this twice because it was a little confusing the first time, I think it might have been the way it was written as a novel being read by someone, but once I wrapped my head around it, it was a good book, full of thrilling moments and a lot of suspense. The movie though..hm.

And lastly we have The Cellar by Natasha Preston. Holy Cheese did this book keep me intrigued. Sixteen year old Summer is kidnapped, and along with other girls kept hostage and treated like a member of the kidnappers family, in a less than caring way.

The Cellar tells a story of kidnapping, abuse, and murder all through delving into the killer’s humanity and mental health, leaving you emotionally affected, and questioning the reasons people do what they do to others. This book has a lot of criticism from people that are too close minded to see the story as anything other than a man with mommy issues and a white van, but if they were given the chance to write a better recount of events, it would probably just be used as a coaster for my tea.

I do not suggest reading these types of books if you are sensitive towards very real, very damaging topics, as they do have a lasting effect, and the last thing I want to have done with my book suggestions is scare or damage anyone. If you have any suggestions of books that I should read, I would love to hear them!



Jack Skellington Cookies

Is it too early to break out The Nightmare Before Christmas items?

Either way, Jack Skellington cookies are one of my favourite parts about fall, and they are perfect for the two month layover to Christmas. The great thing about Jack, is that his facial features are unlimited, so no two cookies are identical.

The cookie mix I made up was a basic shortbread, butter, sugar and flour. Nothing too festive, and definitely no pumpkin spice. To decrorate, you will need:

  • One Bag Of Black Icing
  • One Bag Of White Icing
  • One Tooth Pick

step one

Once your cookies are cooled, outline the eyes for Jack’s face. From the outside, work towards the center and flood the eyes.

Step two

Use a toothpick to smooth the icing and fill the gaps. Wait for the icing to dry, this could take between 20 minutes and an hour.


Once the eyes are dried, take your white icing bag and outline the edge of the cookie, try not to ice too close to the edge, or the icing will run and Jack’s face will be even creepier. flood the icing in circular motions going towards the center.

step four

Again, take a tooth pick and smooth out the icing, making sure there is no cookie peeking out. let the icing dry. This may take longer than they eyes, because there is a wider space.

The Next three steps can all be done at the same time. Just below the eyes draw two commas for the nose, and then a long line for the mouth. The mouth isn’t a straight line, so don’t be afraid to wave it a little. Same for the stitches of his mouth, they aren’t all even, so play around with the placements.

Finished Product

And here is my finished product. They are great for snacks or for Halloween parties, and are really easy to make. Using the same recipe, you could make the other characters, or even an entirely different Disney character, like Baymax.

Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition

Remember when I said I had a serious lack of self control when it came to buying books?

The newest Harry Potter illustrated edition was released today, and I was originally only going to buy the ones that I really loved, until Chamber of secrets and Philosopher’s stone were given to me. Having gaps in a collection is just weird and would slowly taunt me every morning, so I bought Prisoner of Azkaban to keep the collection in order.

The only illustrated editions I was planning on buying were Goblet of fire and the deathly hallows, but a full collection is fine. Pft, what’s nearly £30 a book anyway?


The Prisoner of Azkaban is arguably the most well known book, because it has all of the iconic harry potter tropes; The knight bus, Buckbeak, Sirius and Lupin, The marauders map, and the book of monsters.

Like the other books, it weighs a ton and cannot sit on my shelf because I doubt my father wants to fix my bottom shelf anymore. Instead, I display it. At the moment it resides on my floor, which is okay because they’re also new and shiny, so we can break two things in at once. I tend to sit on the floor a lot anyway, my beanbag is normally somewhere along with it, and it is not unheard of for me to fall asleep on the floor with my book open and my warm drink frozen.


I always re read the Harry Potter books, but I find it easier when the print is larger and there are pictures. From a quick glimpse of the book, my favourite illustration is Harry and Hermione on the back of Buckbeak, when they attempt to turn back time and save Sirius. The colours are so complimentary and the small details are there to enhance the simplicity of them. Jim Kay deserves a mansion or a pony for the talent and quality of these books.


Another page of the book that stopped me and drew my attention was this illustration of Buckbeak and his Hippogriff buddies. Again, the art style and the colours are just so complimentary.


One of the iconic moments of Azkaban, is the reveal of Peter Pettigrew, and every little detail of Scabbers is drawn, including the severed toes, and the illustration even looks like peter. The Grumpiness of Crookshanks is comical and I just love it, and I’m grasping for words to express the quality of the book, but I just fail.

I am most certainly excited for the release of Goblet of fire now, because there are so many art styles and things to draw from that movie, especially the tasks and the new characters, ugh I’m ready, I have my cash in one hand and my bag in the other, just take my money, Rowling. Although, feel free to lower the price a little, girl’s gotta eat and bathe too.

Hey, it’s Fall

Am I sick of the sight of pumpkins yet? Eh, possibly. Am I still going to talk about all the pumpkin things in my house? yes. yes I am.

When it comes to fall, I’m not one of those people that runs to starbucks to buy every pumpkin thing on the menu, and I certainly don’t put skeletons outside my home, I simply throw a few orange pillows around, grab my thicker blankets and change out my fairy lights.

This year, is no different. I still live in the same home, I’ve just changed my bedroom slightly, and so I made a conscious decision to add a few ornaments around the house, that would be suitable until Christmas too.

PSFix_20171002_222323.jpeg This pillow fits my aesthetic perfectly, and isn’t overpowering. This was originally on the sofa, before I moved it outside whilst I was reading on the chair in my garden and thought it looked cuter. I do bring it inside before I sleep, to avoid it getting dirty or wet, foxes are rogue in back gardens these days. It was pretty cheap, and the material is a thin sack type material, and the pumpkin is sewn together by a sort of sweater pattern, which I love. The pillow looks really homemade and rustic, and is just really cute.

PSFix_20171002_223242.jpeg Next Pumpkin item on the list, is this transparent ornament that is currently sat on one of my empty shelving units, that used to be one of my bookshelves. The plastic is a light blue, but the pumpkin looks grey due to my shelf. I prefer the colour of this as opposed to a classic pumpkin.

Screenshot (745) This is one of my favourite purchases, it’s a glass pumpkin cake tray, that just sits in the center of the kitchen island. I tend to bake Halloween treats regularly, and thought they would look cute displayed in this. I am terrified of breaking it, so I’ve just left it as a decorative piece so far, which is fine because it looks great either way.

Screenshot (749) Also in the kitchen, we have this smaller pumpkin made out of Christmas tree lights and wicker straw. I’ve had this for a while now and don’t remember where we picked it up, but it is still one of my favourite fall decorations, because it stays out until Christmas, and just looks really cosy when the lights are out. We don’t keep it plugged in all day, but it still looks cool with the lights off too. Again, it looks rustic and homemade which is one of my favourite qualities about it.

Screenshot (741) It wouldn’t be a fall post if there wasn’t a candle burning somewhere. There isn’t a bath and body works in the UK and prices online can be ridiculous, which is why it helps to have friends and family in the US that bring back scented goods. I’m not the biggest candle person ever, they make me anxious, which is why I prefer to use lights, but my siblings love a good candle, particularly my sister. To be honest, all Pumpkin candles smell the same, so a cheap one from primark or tk maxx will do the job.

Screenshot (692) And finally, my autumnal blankets and a good novelty pillow finish the details. The book that I read depends on what I’m reading at the time, it might not even be a fall themed book. At the moment, I’m bouncing between books, but am ploughing through Stephen King and Harry Potter again.

Wizarding World Loot Crate Unboxing

I’ve always been a sucker for Harry Potter goods, and I’ve always been hesitant to spend money on lootcrate boxes, but someone bought me one as a gift during the dark arts period, and I thought they were really neat, high quality products.


This months box was called ‘magical must haves’ and I really did not know I needed them until I opened the box. If you are still waiting for your box and are trying to avoid spoilers, I suggest you leave now, sorry! If not then let’s get on with the novelty goodies.

Screenshot_2017-10-01-10-08-15_1.jpgThis is a general look at the contents of the box, and then I’ll go into further detail.

The First thing that caught my attention in the box, was the package on the top, contributing to the size of the box. It is a stationery set from Fantastic Beasts. The stationery is themed to the objects in the movie.

On the left, we have a notepad with the macusa logo on the top of the pad. I’m not one to really touch the notepads and notebooks I have, they just sort of unintentionally collect on my bookshelf. On the right of the set, we have two paperclips with the logo and lastly, we have a set of post it notes with the magical threat level clock from the movie.

gryffindor scarf

Next up, we have a house scarf. The house that you get the merch of is entirely your decision, when you order the box, you also enter your house alongside your posting details. I am a hufflepuff, but felt like a change, so I thought I would go with the generic house, to shake up my harry potter collection. The scarf isn’t as good quality as ones you can pick up from the studio tour, but I love it all the same.

My Favourite thing from the box, is easily this wand pen, in the shape of Harry’s wand. The pen itself is weighted and really good quality, the box is designed to look like Ollivanders wand box, and I think the novelty is really cool.

Screenshot_2017-09-30-23-05-00_1.jpg My second favourite thing in the box is this horcrux pin, in the shape of the locket. Again, the quality is amazing and the detailing is just perfect, there are little green gems along the outline of the snake, and the little inscripts look like they have been stained inside. The pin is a double back, and I don’t have many pins, so this is easily one of my new favourites.

honeydukesSticking to the stationery theme, these four erasers are in a HoneyDukes box, and are moulded to look like various sweets and objects, however they are not edible nor scented. The one on the left, is a cauldron, next to that is a sugar skull, then there is a jelly slug and obviously a chocolate frog. I think the novelty is adorable, although they were a bitch to photograph.

Screenshot (658)

Lastly, we have the scroll which describes everything in the box. I’m pretty excited to continue buying the boxes, especially since the Horcrux pin is a series. It was a lot of fun going through this box, and almost everything in this box is practical and will be used or displayed in my room. I’m hoping the next box is Christmas themed, because there are so many cool things and ideas they could use.

Did you have a favourite item in the box? If you did, let me know, I would love to hear it!


September Photo Diary

Not returning to school was a big decision for me, and although I have a deep bubble of guilt in my chest because I know my future is going to be a struggle, but I really think I made the right decision for myself.

I lost a lot of friends, but strangely, I’m not upset about it. I no longer need to wake up fearing social interactions that could go wrong, and there are no more sandwiches to be thrown at my head (yeah, 17 year olds really still do that) and I can use the toilet whenever I please. Oh, the freedom of peeing in a nice clean toilet.

The early mornings are no longer filled with math and geography, but with the most mesmerising sunrises and breaks by the duck ponds. From my bedroom window I have a tree right next to it which I can see change with the seasons, and it is easily my favourite thing about fall, and definitely a requirement for future home hunts. As for the duck pond, I don’t have one in my back garden, as much as I wish I did, I have to travel to get to it, but if I’m heading in that direction for something anyway, I spend at least fifteen minutes sat on the bank just staring or photographing.

Tea break

More than likely, I would have gone to the library or the bookstore, once done I would grab breakfast or lunch with my siblings or a friend. More than likely my sister on a day off of work. There are no specific places I go, but I do love a good small, quiet area to eat. Throughout secondary school me and my friends would sit on a wooden bench outside with our names scribbled onto the wood, and it’s just quite a nice memory.

This month, I decided to explore London more, because I was free to, So I rounded up my sister, our cameras and set off on a variety of anxious train rides, and hit up every place I put on my list, that I hadn’t been to since that three hour guided trip with your school when you were nine.

I was so in awe of The Sherlock Museum, that I completely disregarded the amount I spent in London until I got home, but it didn’t knock me at all, because I spent the month exploring and shopping in book shops and in the Disney store on Oxford Street.

The Interior of the disneystore was magical. They had the carriage and snow on the entrance to the downstairs. Their mug selection was far wider than any closer to me, and was the major contributor as to why I came home fairly broke.

Screenshot_2017-09-30-17-55-38_1.jpg When I’m not playing Dora the explorer, I spend the day in an oversized sweater with a book  and my fairy lights on, or the lights off with my tv show of the day. I have recently bought some new books, which I am very excited to start reading.

PSFix_20170923_191843_1.jpg A new addition to the family is this little guy, he’s a shiba called Bowie. One of my friend’s recently rescued him, and he is the cutest ball of fluff I have ever had the pleasure of licking my shoe. I already know I’ll be increasing the time I spend with my friend to see him.

My September was full of adventure, and bad weather and face licks but I would not have changed anything. I enjoy being myself with no limitations, and I feel I can discover myself now that I’m no longer fearful of the opinion of others.

September favourites

The leaves are orange and falling, I smell like pumpkin and cinnamon goodness, so you know it’s September.

Fall is my favourite season and I love how cold it is in the mornings now, because it means I can wear my sweaters, and my harry potter house scarves, the slippers and thick bed socks.

As a kid, I would always be taking photos of my feet, my camera roll would be full of different pairs of shoes, with the odd double appearance of my favourites. During Fall, that side of me makes a reappearance as I trample through the leaves and take artsy fall photos.

Screenshot_2017-09-30-11-13-49_1.jpg These shoes are from the lazy oaf x Doc Marten collab and I have been obsessed with them as my everyday outside shoe. They are practical and comfortable, and look cute with a fall outfit and a cardigan. They’re the classic black shoe with red hearts all over the shoe.


To keep with the fall feeling, I have been loving the classic halloween movies, especially Coraline. I even decorated my tv stand with small pumpkin ornaments, fairy lights and leaves.


When I’m not watching halloween movies, it is somewhat a tradition to watch The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror on repeat until Halloween. My favourite episode is easily the one with Hugo, Bart’s evil twin. The art inside the dvd sleeves is just breathtaking.


When I have things to do and places to be, I have been using my new red kanken bag, the colours are perfect for fall, and the bag itself is super spacious. I have two other colours, the yellow one which I have pretty much killed and used religiously, and my black one, which was my school bag for a while. Both are regular features on my instagram.


Finally, my favourite book this month is One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus. I’ve spoken about it before, and praised it a lot, but for a book themed like the breakfast club, I was expecting to hate it, but it makes you think and it’s a realistic depiction of school life, minus the murder.