So, summer’s a thing now, I guess, I mean I live in London, so anytime it stops raining, I just label it summer and sprawl my limbs over the table in my garden, reading.

Most people go to exotic beach areas, and rack up the population and spray tan, but I prefer to stay in my little London home town, and spend the summer like every other day, pale and unavailable.

I’m often somewhere in the house reading a new book, or listening to music, or on a rare day, catching a new movie. And this month, has produced some diamonds for lil’ anti social ol’ me.

Let’s start with music. 

The vamps New album is the only thing that has caused me to pause the 90’s tunes and rejoin my age group for a brief month. They were also signing albums in London, and thanks to my impeccable taste in great friends, they got me one, at the expense that they stole one of my funny stories to tell them, but hey, I’m a sharer.

Also this month, Spider-Man Homecoming came out, which was easily my favourite thing this month, and favourite film this year. I’ve seen it three times this month (the day it premiered, the day after and yesterday) and I fear if I go to the cinema anymore they will start banning me from movies.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child turned one this month, and although I’m not the biggest fan of it, Harry potter as a whole deserves a place in the list, plus it was J.K Rowlings birthday.

For all the books I’ve read this month, I needed tea or some beverage to accompany it, and everyone knows the only way to drink, is out of a fashionable novelty mug. The Disney store is my favourite place for novelty mugs, they recently stocked the ones available in The Disney Parks, and so I have a collection to start.

Jasmine is not my favourite Disney princess, but her mug was the prettiest of them all, the shade of turquoise isn’t at all captured in the photo, and truly is a shade that needs to be seen in person. The detailing of all the princess’ mugs is truly worth the price. And if like me, you cannot go to the parks, it’s a great alternative. I plan on picking up Ursula and Rapunzel soon, and then have them all eventually.

And finally, It was my brother’s birthday at the end of the month, so we went to a theme park. I faced my fear of heights, and had a great time, I even met a Lion, some reindeers, and the gruffalo. My favourite moment of the whole day, was the panda show, which I embarrassed myself with, thinking they were real pandas. They were just people dressed up.


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