Adventure time with jess 

Most fifteen year old boys aren’t fussed about their birthdays, they just request new video games and to be left alone with a slice of cake. Not my brother. 

For his fifteenth, he wanted to take us all to a theme park and because it was his birthday, we all had to go on his choice of rides. Being a generally fearful person, I had to make alterations to the agreement, in that if I went and went on all the rides, we would go to sea life and the zoo as well.

The rides were ridiculously high off the ground, and even though I thought I would cry, I didn’t, and we actually had a decent family day out.

The first ride we went on, was called the Monkey swingers. Which essentially straps you in a seat like a swing, and lifts you up high off the ground and swings you in a circle, as some of you go up and some of you go down. What they neglected to mention was that there were water jets, that sprayed quite violently at you, as I was sat on the inside, I remained dry, but my poor soggy sister got the worst of it. Especially when she turned to me to speak and got a mouthful of water.

Next up, we went on a ride that would pit us all against each other in a friendly bit of competition. It was a game much like Tomb Raider, where you had to shoot the lights out with your laser gun. Me and my brother were trying to distract each other, but thanks to my extreme focus, I beat them all by a good 400 points. I got 1440 points and ended up on the leader board. 

We then found a nice easy child’s ride to go on, which seemed to be affecting the children more than we all thought. As we all lined up, a few children were coming out of line crying, or worse throwing up. Once we actually got into the carriage and took off on the train like ride, I too wanted to cry. It essentially took you around a track but tilted you towards fire and water as you went around. Since me and my sister decided to go in one carriage, our weight wasn’t balanced and so we had to force ourselves to stay upright in fear of dying.

Thankfully, my dad and brother too wanted a break and we headed over to sea life, which was the most magical experience ever. 

We saw ‘Dory’ and ‘Nemo’

Sea horses

A wide range of fish

But my personal favourite was the shark tank and sting rays.

We also went to the zoo, and saw reindeers, otters and the sea lion show, which made me feel terrible for them, unfortunately I missed the Gorilla feeding and the tigers, but I saw the lions so it more than made up for it.

Once done, my brother requested we went on the one ride I was absolutely fearing the existence of. Dragon’s falls. It’s a log ride, that takes you up ridiculous slopes and drops you unexpectedly, which makes your heart literally fall into your stomach on the drop down. I am not kidding when I say I screamed my head off on the way down, although as terrifying as it was, it was easily my favourite ride.

Still soggy, we all decided to dry off on the Ferris wheel and look at the view and catch our breath for a moment. This was quite a big deal for me, because I faced my fear of heights and I am definitely proud of myself for it.

My brother and dad then suggested we break off to do two last rides before the park closed. So, me and my sister went to the gruffalo ride, whilst my brother and dad went on one of the bigger rides.

The gruffalo ride brought back so many childhood memories of reading the book over Christmas, and the visuals were absolutely breathtaking. Again, it was another water ride, but I couldn’t be happier.

We all regrouped at another of the bigger rides, one called the vampire. Which really shook me in ways I never want to speak about again. It took you around the park, not like a nice tour, like a death trap, it literally shot you across the top of buildings and through the trees, I felt like I could star in George And The Jungle.

After a long day of being thrown around, it was nice to be able to keep my feet on the ground for the ride home. My siblings usually always fall asleep on the ride home and I’m usually the one that stays awake and take a in the journey and writes about the day for my memory book, to avoid forgetting anything, but they stayed awake I can only assume because of the adrenaline, and we spent the ride home badly singing to a medley of *NSYNC and Other 90’s boy bands.


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