Jessica’s Journal #1

Usually when my friend’s move, we stop speaking to each other, never out of anger, but out of age and habit. It was a surprise when one of my only remaining friends dropped on me that she was moving to California at the end of 2016, and so I had a minor personality breakdown and became very guarded, resulting in a lot of flatlined friendships. None of which I regret, upon reflection, my friends were no more than girls at my lunch table.

It’s been a quick year, and out of habit, me and my friend gradually stopped talking and checking in and let the other live their life. July, is her birth month. Which meant we would fall back into each other’s paths. She came back to London and the first thing we did was fuel our weak selves with overpriced coffee and really nice macarons.

Screenshot (396).png

I didn’t realise how much we had to talk about, or how long she had actually been away for, so we spent at least 90 minutes talking about our old friends, and teachers and comparing school ethics (you know, general seventeen year old chatter.)

I got a chance to have my American stereotype questions answered, which seemed never ending because of how much american tv I watch. Turns out she doesn’t wake up naturally flawless, grab her lunch in her brown paper bag and bounce to school for an hour before coming home with an entourage.

The Perks of having a friend that lives in California, is that she goes to Disney and Universal a lot, so she always sends me photos of the Harry Potter events and parts, and because I am some what obsessed with The Simpsons, she goes out of her way to take ‘perfect’ photos of everything and sends them to me for my instagram.

We both like the idea of travelling and so when she went to NY she took some Polaroids for me so I could keep them with me, which was pretty cool and has now motivated me to go to NY more than ever. The goal is to go during the winter, so i can get the full white christmas experience .

Once we finished our drinks, we left, which was probably a great relief to those trying to work. We went shopping for a little while, I spent nearly an hour in the bookstore and an unmentionable amount of money on books that I definitely won’t have time to read this year.

Screenshot (383).png

Once weighed down with books, we decided to settle in the park and just relax on the swings like we used to when we were closer. It was a really nice day out, and the park was pretty much empty, aside from a few dog walkers. We mostly spoke about nothing, musical preferences now and fashion taste. It was nice to see a growth in both us, we were fairly shy kids who would never think to change their hair or their dress sense, but nearly a year later and I’m out for coffee looking like my washing machine houses an alligator.

It definitely made me think about who I want to be in life, and which jobs I want to experience but most of all, my mini reunion taught me that I need to prioritise my friends and my self separately. I need to check on them more, and vice versa. I also need to start doing the things I want to do, and to do that, I need to get my life together.

I need to adopt that chilled back LA lifestyle, and do it. If I want to skate board every where, I should do it without fearing that someone will try to sabotage me, and I need to accept that I can happily listen to NSYNC and Nickelback in the same playlist, because there are no real guidelines to living.




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