The Killers released new music and made my year, so shout out to 2017 for blessing us all with that. ‘The Man’ is such a great song, and I already know it is going to be on an endless loop at every radio station, but I don’t have a problem with it, in fact, I encourage it, I hope the song get’s played so much that I learn to hate the Killer’s and I become one of those ‘I only know Mr Brightside’ people.

Sticking to the subject of music, All Time Low released Their new album, Last Young Renegade, and although it isn’t my favourite album of theirs, I do truly appreciate it and there are some really great songs on the album. And so, I got the vinyl as an exam present. My Favourite songs from the album, at the moment, have to be Last Young Renegade and Drugs and Candy.

hp 20

Moving into Books and other media, I have been so obsessed with the Harry potter 20th edition copies, that if someone were to steal my technology, all they would find is a gallery full of Hufflepuff book covers, because I just cannot deal with how beautiful it is. The illustrations, the writing, the hard back covers’ spines. Ugh, yes.

The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena has also been one of my favourite books this month, I always thought the ‘read it in one sitting’ thing was a cliche used by writers in the weekly newspaper to give the book an ‘original’ review, but I really did read it in one sitting. I’m kind of disappointed that I cracked the case by chapter three, but as far as thrillers go, I highly recommend reading it.

peanuts x vans

This month has been a fairly lazy one for me, because I now have a two month wait for my exam results, so I have just been catching up on sleep and movies.  But When I do make the effort to go outside, I have been loving the Peanut x vans collaboration. I chose the sk8-hi all black ones, because they looked the most casual and easily compatible of the collection, but I also picked up the long sleeve peanut shirt, because the simplicity of it, and the fact that it probably wouldn’t be around forever pushed me into dropping a lot of money at the vans store.

BMO socks

Obviously, to wear cool shoes, you need cool socks, and this month, I have been in love with my Adventure Time socks, they have been a main feature on my instagram, both my feed and my story, they are super cheap and are just really fun.

pottermore print

Lastly, we have this beautiful print from pottermore, which I plan on framing and buying more of. It is the scene from chamber of secrets where Ron and Harry are in the ford anglia, and the colours are so pretty and the art work itself is so detailed. The greatest part of this, is the affordability. It was only £20, which For the quality, and the size, is definitely going to make me buy more, and eventually have a room full of framed Harry potter art work pieces.

Arriving at The Burrow

I left the link in case you want to look through the variety of art work and drool, like I did when I first saw them.

Ah, potter fans. Always looking out for each other.


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