For My friend’s Birthday, we decided to spend the evening in the park and have a picnic and catch up, because we hadn’t seen each other since January, which isn’t uncommon at all, we both just disappear for weeks and catch up eventually. When I say we went on a picnic, I mean we had the wicker basket, the plaid blanket, the plastic cutlery, the cups that fold into each other for easier storage, to be fair, The Picnic turned out to be more of a Harry Potter party, but I had no complaints.

There are so many benefits to having a friend that also loves Harry Potter, because It means I get to replicate the food in the movies, and since it was her Birthday, I decided to bake her the same cake that Harry gets from Hagrid.


I also bought her a Newt and Dumbledore pop vinyl because she is in the process of redecorating her room, which means new shelves, which is kind of a specialty of mine.

We have that kind of friendship where we start talking about one thing, and then we roll into seven other things, and before we know it, we had been sat in the park for three hours.

The Park that we went to had a playground, but it is predominantly a dog park, with tennis courts and basketball space. So, naturally, we were in the centre of the dogs attention, which means they would beeline for us, and I’m kind of terrified of dogs, but my friend is a massive dog person, which means she was sat there encouraging them to run at us. Obviously they obliged.

So, I’m drinking out of my cup and this adorable bundle of fur comes running over to us, and he sits in front of us, just staring staring at me My friend starts being a dog whisperer, because next thing I know, there are three more dogs sat in front of us staring. So My friend starts caring for the other three dogs, rubbing their stomachs and making really weird noises at them and the first dog that came over starts creeping towards me, and I register that it wants me to pat him, but he’s big and scary, and when I’m sat down I’m tiny and vulnerable, so I pull my cup up to drink from it, and the dog starts nuzzling against my hand, and as soft and cute as he was, I dropped my cup down myself out of fear. Thankfully, the owners were nearby and took their dogs back from us after laughing at my irrational fear of them.

The karaoke bar across the park, next to all of the shops, started opening, and we could hear someone singing Mr. Brightside, and we eventually joined them from our spot in the park, and before we knew it, we had gotten through everything from NSYNC and One Direction to Celine Dion and High School Musical.

Overall, something as simple as a picnic and a karaoke session managed to improve my day and it just really makes me feel less stressed about simple things, and it’s really nice to catch up with people that I haven’t seen in a while and hear about something other than math problems and camera angles.


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